What Is A Safe Way To Manage Your Passwords?

Managing your passwords can be accomplished in a few different ways.  Here are some Do’s and Don’ts.


  1.  It is ok to have your web browser remember your passwords for a faster and more secure login.
  2. Create a Spreadsheet in your My Documents Folder and store your passwords inside the spreadsheet.
  3. If you are needing to creating an online account with a website, make sure your password is a “Strong Password”.  The password should include a capital letter, lowercase letter, a number and a special character.


  1. Do not write your passwords down on a piece of paper and leave it out in the open.  This includes sticking a note with your password to your monitor, keyboard or any part of the desk where it can be seen by a patient – per HIPPA Compliance.
  2. Do not share your Sage Intergy EHR password.
  3. Do not write down or place your Sage Intergy EHR password in a spreadsheet.  You must memorize your Sage Intergy EHR password.

If you forget a password, have an issue logging into a website or Sage Intergy EHR please fill out an IT Support Ticket.